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by Rose Holston | July 3, 2008

Driving down the road headed to fill out paperwork for my mortgage refinance with Trinity Title of Texas, an Austin title company, I began to think about the fact that I had never met the mortgage broker, Joshua Borders. Joshua was from Treaty Oak Mortgage, an Austin mortgage company. We talked via phone a few times, exchanged emails and now I was headed to sign paperwork for a very big transaction.

I was a bit confused about the directions and called for help. A lovely voice guided me right to the parking lot where there were several spaces dedicated for Trininty Title of Texas customers. I parked and made it on time to my appointment. The office was nice but nothing specifically stood out until I was greeted and taken to an office. On the table was a scrumptious chocolate dessert with real shaved chocolate on top and fresh strawberries to compliment. I was asked if I would like coffee or something to drink. And my coffee was brought in a lovely tea cup with saucer. There was a floral napkin on the table which made me feel like every detail was taken care of and that I would enjoy this very much.

I didn’t hesitate and enjoyed my dessert and coffee while I chatted with a Annette Castellanos, an Escrow Associate with Trinity Title, about my closing and their customer service process. What caught my attention was that her first response to me was that they understood that the process of going through a mortgage refinance could be a rather impersonal experience. That’s exactly how I felt when I was driving to my appointment. They have a person dedicated to creating this unique experience to personalize each closing.

Right down to the paperwork did I get a different sense of the experience of working with Trinity Title. The size of the folder and the design where all my copies were unique among other companies I’ve worked with in the past.

The question is, would I recommend using Trinity Title of Texas? Is chocolate and coffee enough to convert me? I had worked with another broker that had dragged his feet and potentially made me lose out on a better interest rate. I was recommended to go with Joshua Borders with Treaty Oak Mortgage. He was quick and he understood that I wanted to get the best rate. I never really had much conversation with him but I was pleased with the efficiency and the paperwork signing was simply the icing on the cake.

How would I translate this experience on the Web? Either written or video testimonials are a great way to illustrate added value. This blog post is another great way to get the word out as well as provide Search Engines information that is well optimized to index. Notice I’ve used keyword phrases for my anchor text high and to the left of my post. Search Engines will like the anchors and both companies I’ve mentioned will get backlinks which are also valuable.

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